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Plastikakirurgia Finest’s breast, body and face procedures are carried out in the finest private hospital in Estonia. The hospital is Estonia’s latest, modern and the best Private Hospital which was opened in February 2017. The surgeries we perform include breast enlargement, breast enhancement, breast reduction, intimate surgery, hair transplants, facelifts, abdominal shaping, liposuction and rhinoplasty. Bariatric surgeries, e.g. gastric bypass surgeries, are performed at the East Tallinn Central Hospital (ITK-hospital).

Plastic surgery in Estonia. There are no qualitative differences in carrying out the procedures as Estonia is a member of the European Union like Finland.

The luxurious Private Hospital

The luxurious Private Hospital where Finest’s surgeries are performed is a hospital fulfilling the strictest safety requirements set by EU’s supervising authority. The hospital has the skills to provide 24-hour safe care and monitoring. This state of art hospital has all the modern equipment and furnishings. There are no competitors practicing within this hospital which means all of the clients of Plastikakirurgia Finest will get the same level of services and no divergent practices exist.

We operate out of a modern facility with state of art equipment. Our surgical team consists at of at least five professionals; specialized surgeon, anesthetist, anesthetist nurse, theater nurse and a supervising nurse.

The hospital provides 24 hour care in case you require attention or pain medication. Our customers can avail of full board which is included in the price of the desired procedure. All of our hospital rooms are equipped with en suite, TV, fridge, WiFi and an alarm bell. All our surgeries and procedures include the required post-operative care and in case of more invasive procedures, in-patient care is provided.

After surgery effective analgesia is administrated as required. We only use medicines and products from well known and recognized manufacturers. The average stay in hospital is 1-5 nights depending on the procedure performed.

We offer our customers a complete package. We arrange the round-trip ticket between Helsinki and Tallinn, transport from the ferry port to the hospital and back. The price also includes your stay in hospital, complete care, anesthesia, surgery, medications and aftercare services at the Helsinki office, such as counseling, removal of sutures and follow-up care.

Travel to Tallinn and back

We use the fastest and the most comfortable travel option. One-way trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes 1,5 to 2 hours depending on the option you choose.

You will need a valid travel document, either a passport or an ID issued after 1.3.1999.

We also take care of our patients' safe transport between the ferry port and the hospital. The private hospital is about 5 km from the ferry port. Our driver will get you safely directly to the surgical ward. On the day of your discharge you will be transported from the surgical ward directly to the ferry port to begin your journey home.

The recently opened private hospital enables us to provide our customers the following

  • The team is carefully chosen and multilingual. All members of the team have been specifically trained in how to best look after our clients.

  • All preoperative procedures can be performed on site at Radiologic Clinic Mammograaf.

  • The rooms are in line with business class hotel rooms in terms of comfort and convenience. All rooms are equipped with en suite, TV, fridge, WiFi and an alarm bell.

  • The food provided in the hospital is of prime quality and special dietary requirements are catered for. Dinner and other meals can be ordered from our extensive menu. Breakfast buffet can be enjoyed in our cafè-restaurant. Cafè-restaurant is open for your convenience. Coffee and tea are available on request and there is water and juice in the fridge.

  • There is a pharmacy on site in which aftercare products are considerably cheaper than in Finland.

  • All required postsurgery garments , for example support bras etc, can be purchased at the hospital.

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