Hair transplant

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a modern aid for people with hair loss. The best and most naturally occurring end result is currently given by small microspheres called follicular unit grafts (FUE).

With hair follicular unit extraction technology (future FUE technology) hair transplants are almost impossible to distinguish from natural hair. The prerequisite for the action is that the customer has enough hair on his neck to get hair transfusions. Plastic Surgery Finest Dr Oleg Sertsenkov performs hair transplants using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction Technique) technique.

The procedure uses microsurgical instruments to prevent damage to the hair follicles when removing them. We take into account every individual feature of our customers. Even with a microscope is difficult to distinguish between transplanted and natural hair.

Hair Transplants or Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE) is a method whereby individual hair follicles are collected directly from the donation area without surgery. This treatment uses a round, 0.8-1mm scalpel (Punch) to remove the hair follicle from the skin.

The hair follicles are prepared for transfer using a stereomicroscope. The microscopic method makes it possible to prepare hair follicles without damaging them. In addition, the microscope helps to remove the skin around the hairpin. This will prevent the formation of scars later.

Planting hair follicle is an important step that depends on how naturally transferred hair looks. Thanks to the use of the implants it is possible to check the depth of the hairpin in the skin, the angle of movement (10-45 degrees) and the direction of movement. This will ensure the most natural outcome. Using the implant, the hair follicle is transferred from the donation surface to the transfer object without damaging it.

Implanter is a medical device developed to transfer hair follicles. It is still not used in many clinics. Implanting hair follicles is the most important step in hair transplantation. It depends on how naturally the hair returns. Using an implant, a medical device that allows you to check the depth, angle, and growth direction of hair follicles, your doctor can achieve a very natural haircut. Using the implants, the hair follicle is moved from the donation area to the hair transfer point without damaging it. Unfortunately, this can not be guaranteed by other means such as tweezers and so on. We think the implant is the most important device that will allow aesthetic results to be achieved.

Our doctor performs hair transplants using FUE technology to ensure the ultimate natural outcome. The original hair density may not be achieved with the first transfer, but good coverage is possible. Larger areas usually require 1-3 transplants, while smaller areas may only require one procedure to reach the optimum result. The procedure itself is almost painless. There is no need to remove the skin and no stitches are needed. There will be no scars in the transfer area. The neck region from which the grafts are taken will improve within a few days.

In the FUE technique, the follicles are divided by a microscope to avoid any damage to the grafts. Using this technique it is possible to obtain 30% more hair to be transplanted than with older techniques. Individual hair follicles are collected directly from the donation area using local anesthetic. The hair is removed in the naturally growing groups (1-3 hairs). The hair follicles are prepared for transplanting using a stereomicroscope. The microscopic method makes it possible to prepare hair follicles without damaging them. In addition, by using a microscope, it is possible to remove the skin around the hairpin to prevent the formation of the scars later.

Planting the hairpin is an important step in ensuring the naturalness of the outcome. Planting is done by hand using one hair implant at a time. The hairpin can be moved from the donation surface to the transfer point without damaging it with the help of the implant. The implant also ensures the proper depth of the hairpin in the skin, the correct angle of movement (10-45 degrees) and the optimum direction of movement. This will ensure the optimum outcome.

Advantages of the FUE technology compared to the old technologies are the natural outcome, its’ virtually painfree technique and lack of scars. However, some depigmentation may arise. Removing hair follicles individually and planting them manually is an accurate and time-consuming job.

Recovery is different for everyone. A scab forms at each hair transplant which keeps the individual implants in place. Scab will stay in place for about 1-2 weeks, after which the implants go to a so-called “the resting period”. The rest period lasts for an average of three months. Hair implants begin to grow 3-6 months after the procedure. The final result is achieved approximately 9 to 12 months after the procedure.


During the initial consultation you will be given information on what can be achieved by the procedure. The operative consultation provides information about the course of the procedure, potential risks, postoperative care, how to prepare for the procedure, the hospital and the staff. Pictures and measurements will be taken during the consultation. Before and after pictures of clients who have had hair transplantation will also be shown.

The initial consultation takes about 1 hour. During the consultation customer’s background information, general health and wishes are discussed. Once you are certain that hair transplantation is right for you, you may schedule the procedure several days or weeks from the time of your consultation to assure you have had enough time to understand and accept all aspects of the surgery.

The procedure will take place in Estonia’s latest, modern and the best private hospital which was opened in February 2017. We offer our customers a complete package. We arrange the round-trip ticket between Helsinki and Tallinn, transport from the ferry port to the hospital and back. We also offer aftercare services provided by our co-operation partners, such as counseling and follow-up care.

You will meet your doctor at the hospital. The procedure is performed by dr. Oleg Šertšenkov. The doctor will explain the course of the procedure. The procedure takes place shortly after your discussion with the doctor. In order to perform the procedure safely it is very important that the customer is honest about her health condition and life style. .
The hair transplantation is a day procedure and the customer will be able to travel home during the same day. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. The procedure takes 6-10 hours depending on size of the area that is being treated.

The healing process is individual. Initial healing may include some swelling, bruising and irritation in the neck area. These will heal within couple of days/weeks. The optimal result is reached within 9-12 months. The follow-up visit will be scheduled 9-12 months postoperative. No sick leave is required.

The price of the hair transplantation depends on size of the area that is being treated. The pictures and measurements taken in the consultation will be sent to the doctor. Within couple of days after the consultation, we will inform the customer of the complete price of the hair transplantation. For example 1000 FUE costs 3600 € and 1500 FUE 4800 €. The prices include everything.

Look good and feel good! Book an appointment for a free consultation to discuss plastic surgery procedures you are interested in. Consultation is free and non-binding. Our friendly and experienced professionals will provide you with all the information required.

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